Save Water While You Water Your Lawn

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Whether you have a beautiful, lush green landscape or are dreaming of the day when you will, you know that watering is essential to the health of your lawn. Unfortunately, there’s more to watering your landscape than simply getting out the hose and spraying everything down. The different elements of your landscape—grass, flower beds, trees, etc.—have different watering needs, and learning the correct watering routines for each element can be a costly and time-consuming process.

However, with a sprinkler system from All Wet, you won’t have to worry about getting it right. Our irrigation solutions will ensure that your landscape gets the right amount of water from the beginning, without costly, water-wasting trial and error.

5 Ways Your Sprinkler System Will Help You Save Water

1. Time It Right

Water in the morning. Between dawn and mid morning is best, as the sun and wind will be lower, decreasing loss of water to evaporation.

2. Water by Zones

In order to meet the very different watering needs each of your landscape elements, divide your landscape into watering zones.

This guarantees your landscape will get the water it needs to be healthy while also preventing waste from overwatering.

3. Practice Interval Watering

Watering less frequently but for longer periods is a common source of wasted water, as the water runs off instead of being absorbed. Resolve this problem by water more frequently but in shorter bursts. For example, instead of one long watering session, try several short sessions timed about 15 minutes apart.

4. Don’t Water In The Rain

This seems obvious, but automatic sprinkler systems don’t know when it’s raining. To ensure that you don’t waste water, install a weather monitoring smart controller. It will automatically halt watering during wet weather and resume watering after the rain passes.

5. Ensure Proper Coverage

If your lawn doesn’t have proper sprinkler coverage, you’ll end up with spotty growth and wasted water, so it’s important to check your coverage at the start of each watering season. Do this by placing measuring cups all around your lawn and running the sprinklers for about 15 minutes. Each cup should fill with about the same amount of water; if the water levels are vastly different, you need to adjust your sprinkler placement.

All Wet Irrigation & Lighting Makes It Easy

It’s crazy to think that a sprinkler system can help you save water, but it’s true. Following these irrigation tips will help you reduce water waste. You can do all of these things on your own or take advantage of an All Wet Service Plan and let our experts handle it all for you. Call us at (973) 366-8754 to learn more about how you can save water while you water your lawn.

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