Lawn Care

Give Your New Jersey Lawn The Tender Loving Care It Deserves

Unveil the secret to a lush, weed-free, and emerald-green lawn with All Wet Irrigation's Lawn Care. We apply expert fertilizer applications, perform aeration, and oversee the seeding process. We're so confident in our approach that we back it with our Green Guarantee. Say farewell to weeds and welcome the lawn you've always dreamed of!


Lawn Care Customized To Your Property

If your soil is missing the nutrients it needs to grow healthy plants, then it doesn't matter what else you do - you'll never have the lawn you want. We start with a sample of dirt and perform tests to measure its acidity and to determine which nutrients it may be lacking. With that information,  we can design a fertilization program that will restore the proper levels of nutrients, and also make adjustments to help bring your soil into a pH level ideal for growing gorgeously green grass. Plus, we know the northern New Jersey area so well we know exactly what sort of grasses - Kentucky blue, fine fescue and ryegrass - grow best, so we tailor our fertilizer blend to meet their needs.

What Nutrients Does My Soil Need?

There are three nutrients that form the core of our fertilizer blends:

  • Nitrogen - The primary nutrient required by lawn grass. It serves two purposes; in the spring, it helps your grass grow more quickly and in vibrant green. In the fall, it helps your lawn to recover from the stress of summer's heat.
  • Phosphorus - Your grass is only as strong as its roots, and phosphorus helps to stimulate root growth so they're able to reach deeper into the soil to find deeper stores of moisture to help weather the summer sun.
  • Potassium - Grass uses potassium to help strengthen the walls of its cells, giving it protection from cold, heat, disease and drought.

As an added bonus, once our fertilizer treatment is absorbed into the ground, it is completely safe for children and pets. With just one treatment, you'll be enjoying a greener, denser and healthier lawn.

The Right Fertilizer Is Just The First Step

A good fertilizer gives your grass the foundation it needs to grow in lovely and thick. But that's just one part of a comprehensive lawn care program. All Wet Irrigation & Lighting offers a range of other services to ensure you get the best lawn possible:

  • Core Aeration - Have a bunch of kids running around your yard? Your soil could be compacted, which makes it difficult for grass to grow. Core aeration loosens the soil back up to help it release carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen. Aeration also reduces thatch, the thin layer between grass and soil, to well below the half-inch limit that starts to suffocate your grass.
  • Overseeding - After aeration, we overseed your lawn. This places grass seed directly into the holes made by aeration, which gives them a leg up on building good, deep roots so they can grow in strong.
  • Powerseeding - A power seeder slices into the ground and places seeds directly into the slits. Much like aeration and overseeding, it provides a deeper, more direct contact between the seeds and the soil, giving more of the seeds a chance to grow.
  • Lime Treatment - If our soil tests determine your soil is too acidic, it'll be hostile to growing grass and instead will favor weeds and other unwanted growth. Lime treatments can help bring your soil's pH back into the ideal range for grass growth.
  • Weed & Crabgrass Control - Tired of having unwanted plants choking out your grass? We can apply treatments to discourage growth of crabgrass and weeds to take care of them at the source. No more days hunched over pulling weeds!
  • Grub & Insect Controls - We all know you aren't seeking to use your yard as a buffet for local pests. Our grub and insect controls will help keep the bugs from devouring your grass and ruining all the work that's gone in to your beautiful lawn.
Is weed killer safe for my pets?

When used according to label directions, all general use lawn care products pose little to no risk to children and pets.

Speak to a lawn care professional about a treatment that will work for your needs: (973) 366-8754.

How long should kids and pets stay off the lawn after a fertilizer treatment?

Generally speaking, it is safe to return to normal lawn use once the treatment has dried. Specific instructions will be left after each treatment.

Get an estimate from a lawn care company for safe fertilizer treatment: (973) 366-8754.

How much does lawn care cost?

Cost can vary significantly depending on the level of services needed and the size of the lawn. Call today for a custom proposal: (973) 366-8754 or contact us  online.

Is it too late to treat my lawn in November?

Your lawn’s root system is active until the soil freezes, which in most cases is in mid to late December. Fertilizing in early to mid-November allows your lawn’s root system to continue to receive nutrients and prepare for the winter.

Get your fertilization in before mid-December by calling the lawn care experts at (973) 366-8754 or filling out an online form.

All Services Backed By The Green Guarantee

Our number one goal at All Wet Irrigation & Lighting is to give you a yard that makes you happy. So if you aren't happy, we'll make it right. Our Green Guarantee ensures you'll be 100% satisfied with all our lawn services or you'll get your money back. To give you even more peace of mind, we offer a one-stop maintenance contract for all your lawn care needs that includes irrigation services as well. One contractor, one contract, all the service you need. Stop spending time toiling over your yard when you should be enjoying it! Call us at 973.366.8754 or message us online today!

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