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Homeowners all over Franklin Lakes, NJ and the surrounding areas trust All Wet Irrigation and Lighting for professional, effective lawn care services. Not only will we perform all needed seasonal maintenance on your sprinkler systems, we'll also will service your yard, install outdoor lights and treat your property for mosquitoes and ticks.

Our goal at All Wet Irrigation & Lighting is to be the single source for all your outdoor needs - just one call gets it all done. We stay up to date on all the latest technology, tools and techniques so we can turn your yard into a lush oasis and provide lighting that will make you think you're at Disneyland. Our experts have the experience necessary to survey your property so we can design the right irrigation system to cover every nook and cranny of your yard, or create a lighting plan that will highlight your home's best features. When you need help with the outdoor area of your Franklin Lakes, NJ home - call us, and consider it handled.

What are the 3 types of irrigation in Franklin Lakes, NJ

There are three main types of irrigation: surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and drip irrigation.

  1. Surface irrigation involves flooding the soil surface with water and allowing it to infiltrate into the soil. This method is often used for crops grown in flat, level areas with good soil infiltration.
  2. Sprinkler irrigation involves spraying water onto the soil surface using sprinkler heads. This method is often used for crops grown in areas with uneven terrain or when overhead irrigation is preferred.
  3. Drip irrigation involves delivering water directly to the plant root zone using a network of tubes or hoses with small emitters or drippers. This method is often used for crops grown in areas with limited water resources or when water conservation is a priority. It can also reduce weed growth and minimize soil erosion.
Which type of irrigation method wastes the least water?

Drip irrigation is the most water-efficient irrigation method, as it delivers water directly to the root zone of plants with little to no runoff or evaporation. This method delivers water slowly and steadily, minimizing water waste and allowing plants to absorb water as needed. Drip irrigation also reduces weed growth and minimizes soil erosion. In contrast, surface irrigation and sprinkler irrigation can result in significant water loss due to runoff, evaporation, and wind drift. While drip irrigation may require a higher initial investment, it can save water and money in the long run, making it a popular choice for water-scarce regions and environmentally conscious farmers.

Is drip irrigation better than sprinklers?

Drip irrigation is often considered better than sprinklers as it delivers water directly to the root zone with minimal waste and evaporation. It also reduces weed growth and minimizes soil erosion. However, the choice of irrigation method depends on several factors, including crop type, soil type, and water availability.

Find Out What Your Franklin Lakes, NJ Neighbors Think!

Of course, it's easy for us to tell you we're the best - what else would we say? But if you want an opinion you can really trust, you need to turn to those who have already experienced the All Wet Irrigation & Lighting difference. Read reviews from our Franklin Lakes, NH neighbors below to learn more about how our customers rely on us for the expertise they need, whether it's mosquito control, aeration, fertilization or other lawn needs.

Franklin Lakes & Bergen County phone number: 201-380-2577

Address: 795 Susquehanna Ave., Franklin Lakes, NJ  07417

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