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For The Best Lawn In Northern New Jersey, Call The Experts At All Wet

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn, but sometimes the amount of work it takes can seem daunting. Wouldn't it be great to have a lawn sprinkler system for your residential or commercial property that did the work for you? That's where All Wet Irrigation & Lighting comes in. Our experts can design the perfect sprinkler system to keep your lawn green and thriving. We'll make sure everything meets local regulations, saves on water use, and provides a convenient solution to your lawn care needs. Give us a call at 973.366.8754 today to get started!

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Second To None In New Jersey Lawn Irrigation Care

All Wet Irrigation & Lighting offers a full spectrum of professional lawn irrigation services and solutions:

Sprinkler Installation

If you're starting from scratch, we're here to take you through the entire process. Sprinkler installation is a crucial process in maintaining lush and healthy landscapes. Our process begins with a comprehensive property assessment, considering crucial factors like soil type, plant type, and water source availability. Armed with this valuable information, our team develops a personalized sprinkler installation plan that maximizes water distribution while minimizing waste. With our attention to detail and commitment to quality, we guarantee that our sprinkler installations meet the highest standards, resulting in vibrant and flourishing landscapes for our valued customers.

Irrigation Service & Repair

Does your irrigation system have problems delivering water to your lawn? We are equipped to identify and resolve various issues, such as faulty control systems, broken sprinkler heads, leaking pipes, or malfunctioning valves. We understand the significance of a highly functional irrigation system in maintaining healthy landscapes and endeavor to offer speedy and dependable service to our customers. To ensure peak performance and prevent potential problems, we provide regular maintenance services in addition to repair work. With our irrigation repair and service, you can feel secure knowing that your system will function optimally, promoting healthy plant growth while conserving water.

Regular inspection and adjustment services play a vital role in maintaining the excellent performance and efficiency of irrigation systems. Our inspection and adjustment services ensure that your irrigation system is always functioning at optimal levels. We will examine every component of your irrigation system, such as sprinkler heads, valves, pipes, and control systems. Through our comprehensive inspection process, we identify areas that require adjustment or fine-tuning to guarantee even water distribution and coverage. Our regular inspection and adjustment services help you save water, minimize wastage, and promote healthier plant growth.

Backflow Services

Backflow services are essential in maintaining the safety and integrity of water supply systems. We specialize in providing comprehensive backflow services to protect against the contamination of potable water. Backflow occurs when the flow of water reverses, potentially allowing non-potable water or substances to enter the clean water supply. We offer professional installation, testing, and repair of backflow prevention devices to ensure compliance with local New Jersey codes and regulations. Regular testing and maintenance of these devices are crucial to identify and address any potential issues promptly. By entrusting your backflow prevention needs to us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your water supply is safeguarded against the risks of contamination, ensuring the health and well-being of you and your community.

Add Ons To Give You Even More Options

Looking to make your sprinkler system even more powerful? We offer these additional options that can teach your setup some new tricks:

  • Water-Saving Systems - Go as green as your yard with a conservation system that is ecologically- and financially friendly.
  • Garden Irrigation - No more lugging around a watering can or dragging a hose! A garden irrigation system can keep your flowers as lush and beautiful as your lawn.

We Care About Your Lawn As Much As You Do

Your yard is an expression of who you are. Every yard we service is an expression of who we are - a testament to our expertise, experience, and excellence. So you can trust in the fact we will do everything we can to give you the sumptuous lawn you deserve. Let us take care of your New Jersey lawn and irrigation system by giving us a call at 973.366.8754 or sending us a message online today!

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