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Ensure Your Irrigation System Is Ready Year-Round With Specialized Maintenance Plans

Regular attention to your landscaping and irrigation system is important for proper system operation as well as preserving its lifespan. An irrigation maintenance membership will keep your irrigation system at peak performance, ensuring the year-round beauty of your property's exterior.

To help make seasonal service hassle-free, All Wet Irrigation & Lighting offers sprinkler maintenance packages tailored to the needs of your system, lawn, trees and plants.

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All Wet Irrigation Membership Packages

Aw Irrigation Memberships

Service Descriptions

Spring Activation: In the early spring before you need to use your irrigation system, our service will ensure your system is working properly. It includes:

  • Turn on the water supply.
  • Pressurize the system.
  • Check the backflow preventer for any leaks.
  • Run a test on each zone for possible leaks.
  • Proper operation and head adjustment.
  • Program the controller for proper seasonal conditions.
  • Advise homeowner of any necessary repairs.

Fall Winterization: In the fall, before the weather gets cold, our service protects your irrigation system from any damage that could be caused by freezing temperatures. It includes:

  • Turn off water supply.
  • Purge water from all irrigation components (i.e. pipes, valves, heads) with compressed air.
  • Turn off controller.
  • Open drain valve under backflow if applicable.
  • Make notes on any repairs that need to be done in the spring.

Mid-Season Tune-UpYour irrigation system works hard to keep your lawn properly watered. Our mid-season tune-up ensures that your system runs well all season long. It includes:

  • Review all irrigation components for proper operation.
  • Adjust all heads for proper coverage.
  • If needed, reprogram controller for proper seasonal conditions.
  • Advise homeowner of any repairs.
  • Make suggestions to homeowner to improve system efficiency due to plant growth and potential future problem areas.

Backflow Preventer Test: We are a Certified Backflow Installer and Inspector and provide a full range of backflow prevention services including installation, inspection and repair. A backflow prevention device is a valve that is located on the main waterline to keep the water flowing in the correct direction. It prevents contaminated water from your irrigation system from flowing back and polluting your home’s drinking water or the public water supply. New Jersey codes require annual inspection of backflow prevention.

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