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Give Your Lawn The Nutrition It Needs

Have you ever seen a before-and-after picture of a lawn that's been properly fertilized? The difference is dramatic and impactful. Every yard can benefit from custom-tailored fertilizer service that ensures all plant life has the nutrients it needs to thrive as a lush and vibrant lawn. All Wet Irrigation & Lighting can survey your grass and test your soil to give you the right kind of fertilizer to let your northern New Jersey property show off its true colors.

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When should I fertilize my lawn in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, the best times to fertilize your lawn are during the fall and spring. Fall fertilization, typically in September to early November, is crucial for promoting root growth and storing nutrients for the winter. Spring fertilization, around late April to early June, encourages healthy growth as the grass comes out of dormancy. However, it's essential to consider the specific grass type in your lawn, local climate, and soil conditions for precise timing. Conduct a soil test and follow local extension office recommendations for a tailored fertilization schedule.

Why Do I Need Fertilizers?

When you're hungry, you can get up and go to the kitchen to grab a snack, or to the grocery store to fill out your pantry. But plants don't have that same option. They have to remain in place, and can only rely on the soil around them for nutrients. Unfortunately, all too often soil is deficient in necessary nutrients, so while the plants may be able to live and grow, they'll never reach their full potential.

Also, these nutrients move up the food chain, so if you have any grazing animals in your care, you'll want to make sure your soil is healthy - because that will lead to healthy grass, which then leads to healthy animals. 

What Are The Main Components of Fertilizer?

There are three primary nutrients that form the foundation of our fertilizer treatments:

  • Nitrogen - The most important nutrient for plants, it is the primary element in our fertilizer treatment.
  • Phosphorus - Phosphorus helps to simulate root growth, making grass and other plants stronger.
  • Potassium - Potassium aids in nitrogen absorption and helps make the plant more resistant to drought, cold and disease.

Trust The Professionals At All Wet Irrigation & Lighting

While fertilizer is a necessary component of a healthy lawn, it's all too easy to put too little, too much or the wrong mix of nutrients for your species of grass. That's why it's important to trust this work to our highly-trained specialists. We can customize your fertilizer mix and, with one of our annual maintenance plans, make sure you're getting a regular treatment to keep your yard gorgeous. Call us at 973.366.8754 or send us a message online today to get started!

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