Inspection & Adjustment

Superior Service To Guarantee Superior Performance

Your lawn is a living thing, always growing, always putting down more roots and planting more seeds. Because of this near-constant change, it's not safe to assume that your irrigation system will always perform the way it should. Your pipes and sprinklers are buried in that same ground, and as it changes, so will they. All Wet Irrigation & Lighting has the tools needed to help make sure your system is ready to go, no matter what Mother Nature has decided to throw at it. Our sprinkler inspection and adjustment services will help your system maintain optimal performance and correct water coverage over your entire yard.

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From Water Source To Spray Head, Comprehensive Service

Our highly-trained and experienced technicians can check over the entirety of your system to make sure it's good to go. Here are some things we check over and for during an inspection:

  • Slanted sprinkler heads.
  • Broken or missing sprinkler heads.
  • Overspray.
  • Pressure anomalies.
  • Controllers.
  • Nozzle adjustment.
  • Coverage area.
  • Water leaks.

Irrigation system inspections and adjustment are included in our maintenance membership packages as part of routine system maintenance. 

Services That Change With The Seasons

In addition to vital routine maintenance, as the seasons change you'll need to make some changes to your irrigation service. All Wet Irrigation & Lighting is with you year-round to prep your system for the weather to come. We offer:

Keep Small Issues From Becoming Big Problems For Your Northern New Jersey Irrigation System

Proactive attention to your system is the best way to keep it functioning well for years to come, meaning you can continue to enjoy a lush and vibrant lawn. To get started with a maintenance plan that will always have you covered, call us at 973.366.8754 or message us online today!

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