Give Your Grass Seed Room To Grow With Lawn Aeration

Over time, as you and your family or pets are walking on your grass, the soil below can become compacted. Once that happens, there's no room for grass seeds to take root and grow. Plus, dead grass roots, stems and other debris can form a layer between the grass and dirt - called thatch - that can choke off your yard's access to vital nutrients in the soil. Combine these two factors together and you have a lawn that will struggle to achieve the verdant thickness you want.

But there is a solution. Our core aeration process relieves the compacted soil and helps break up the thatch, pulling out small plugs of dirt that leave space for your seeds to get deep into the soil where they can flourish. Contact us now at 973.366.8754 to find out more about how lawn aeration can help you achieve a beautiful yard.

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What month should I aerate my lawn in NJ?

In New Jersey, the best time to aerate your lawn is typically during the early fall, specifically in September or early October. During this period, the soil is still warm, and there's usually adequate moisture, which helps the grass recover quickly from aeration. Aeration allows better air, water, and nutrient penetration to the grassroots, promoting healthier and lusher growth. However, it's essential to monitor local weather conditions and soil moisture levels to ensure optimal timing, as exact timing may vary slightly based on regional climate and soil conditions.

Benefits That Grow Along With Your Grass

There are a host of benefits to lawn aeration that help make your soil healthier and your yard more enjoyable. Some of them include:

  • Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen - The microorganisms that live in the soil and beneficially contribute to your yard's ecosystem need to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide just like we do. Aeration makes it easier for the soil to release CO2 and absorb oxygen.
  • Improved Uptake - As the small dirt plugs are removed during aeration, the holes left behind have an enhanced ability to take in seeds, fertilizer and water. Once it rains, those plugs vanish back into the soil but the benefit remains.
  • Reduced Water Runoff - Since your soil will be better at absorbing water, there will be less of it to cause runoff and erosion, carrying vital nutrients away from your yard.
  • Better Resiliency & Comfort- Good aeration helps your yard maintain resiliency against heat and drought conditions, and also gives it better "cushioning" underneath your feet since it's no longer so compacted.
  • Stronger Roots - When your grass seeds start life already deep in the soil, they have a chance to build larger, stronger roots to get the nutrients they need to flourish.

Multiple Services Working Together To Deliver A Beautiful Lawn

Of course, aeration is only part of the process. All Wet Irrigation & Lighting also offers overseeding and power seeding services to make sure your new grass seed gets where it needs to go and takes full advantage of the aeration. There's no need to hire multiple contractors to get the lawn you want - we do it all.

Call All Wet Irrigation & Lighting To Get The Job Done Right

It's easy to contact your local big box hardware store and rent some aeration equipment for the weekend. But do you know exactly what your lawn needs? Are you prepared for getting the seed into the holes you create? Why potentially waste time and money when you can let us do it right the first time? Call us at 973.366.8754 or message us online today to save yourself the hassle and focus on enjoying a dense, green beautiful yard!

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