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Reclaim Your Yard With New Jersey's Best Pest Control!

You buy a house. You landscape the yard. You painstakingly pay attention to every detail until you turn it into the perfect, relaxing retreat. And then a bunch of pests move in to ruin the experience? Not on our watch!

All Wet Irrigation & Lighting's experienced lawn care professionals also specialize in pest control, so we'll send those annoying pests packing so you can enjoy your yard whenever and however you like.

Don't rely on nets, candles or, worse yet, avoiding your backyard entirely. We'll develop a comprehensive pest control and prevention plan for your yard that will return control of your northern New Jersey home back from these creepy critters.

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What type of pests will your service control?

Our multi-faceted pest control programs will severely impact the population of bugs like:

Not only can we reduce their numbers, but subsequent treatments will prevent their future reproduction. Year-round pest protection in just a few visits!

Our Pest Control Treatment Process

One of our experts will inspect your home and yard to determine what kind of pests you have and which places are most heavily infested. After that, we will develop a treatment plan to spray your yard - and particularly the affected areas - with a safe treatment that won't harm children or pets once it's dried. We'll also spray the entire perimeter to help keep any bugs with an eye on your petunias out as if you had an invisible dome over your house.

After that, we'll decide on an ongoing upkeep plan to make sure your pest population stays down and your yard is yours alone once more.

New Jersey's First Choice For Protecting Your Yard

Ready to send those unwanted yard pests away for good? Then you need to contact All Wet Irrigation & Lighting for lawn pest control today. Our employees are highly-trained and strictly vetted, we offer free and honest estimates and we stand behind all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What do you have to lose? Only those annoying interlopers ruining your backyard enjoyment. Call us at 973.366.8754 or send us a message online today!

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