Sprinkler Zone Systems

Get Your Yard In The Zone - The Sprinkler Zone

If you have anything other than a very small yard, then one water source is probably not enough to cover all of your irrigation needs. Plus, using too much water in your irrigation system runs the risk of exceeding your home's water pressure capacity and maximum flow rate - both of which can lead to catastrophic problems. To avoid these issues and make sure that all of your plant life is getting the water it needs, you need a zoned sprinkler system.

The experts at All Wet Irrigation & Lighting can survey your property and determine the best sprinkler zones to get the coverage you need and design a system that will optimize your water use and give you a thriving landscape.

How Do Sprinkler Zones Work?

Separating your irrigation system into zones gives you discrete control over what type of irrigation you need and how much water to use. They allow you to build an effective and efficient sprinkler plan that takes into account the size and shape of your hard, the available shade and the watering needs of a variety of plants. 

Your system will have an automatic sprinkler valve that controls water from the main source to each individual zone. Sprinklers are connected by wires to a timer or controller which tells their individual valves to open, and for how long to stay open for proper watering. You can even wire some of your zones to smart systems like rain sensors to have them automatically shut off when not needed.

What Are The Benefits Of A Sprinkler Zone System?

Your expertly designed and professionally installed sprinkler zone system from All Wet Irrigation & Lighting comes with a host of benefits:

  • Efficiency - A properly set system will give the right amount of water to the right area. For instance, shaded grass is able to retain moisture better than grass that's always in the sunlight, so your shady zones won't have to put out nearly as much water. This efficiency not only helps to conserve water, but saves you money, too.
  • Soil Protection - Any area of your yard that is on a slope needs to be treated with care. Too much irrigation can lead to erosion that damages your yard or can wash away vital fertilizers and nutrients in the ground. A zoned system can make sure slopes get enough water without overloading them and risking runoff.
  • Set It & Forget It - Maybe the best feature of a sprinkler zone system is that once it's set up, aside from some seasonal maintenance, you should be good to go. Your system will give each area the water it needs, when it needs it, without wasting water or overloading your plants.

All Wet Irrigation & Lighting For All Your Northern New Jersey Home's Sprinkler Needs

Our expert team has decades of experience and the most comprehensive training available to design and install a zoned sprinkler system that is perfect for your home. Give us a call at 973.366.8754 or send us a message online and let's get started today!

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