Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers

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Ready to Enjoy the Advantages of a Smart Sprinkler Controller?

If you recently bought a Rachio smart sprinkler controller online, we can help you with installation. If you’re still on the market, let our specialists show you the advantages of a Rachio!

All Wet Irrigation recommends these smart sprinkler controllers for many reasons. If you’re not sure if your you, your yard and your home will benefit from this particular device, we’re here to let you know for sure!

Why a Smart Sprinkler Controller?

Some things just work better when they are automated, like your HVAC system or the bills you know you might forget about otherwise. Watering your lawn is also something that makes sense to be automated.

Popular reasons for smart irrigation include:

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  • Water Conservation - If you’ve ever watched your sprinklers spray out water in the middle of a rainstorm, you can see what a waste it is. Usually this happens during surprise weather when you can’t be at the house to shut your sprinklers off.
  • Money Savings - Control redundant watering and save money by doing so.
  • Convenience - It can be pretty stressful trying to keep track of the weather and knowing how much to water your lawn. Having a little device that does it for you takes your stress away.

For more information, check out our smart irrigation controller upgrade post.

Advantages of a Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

You have many good irrigation controllers to choose from. The ones we offer at All Wet Irrigation all offer predictive watering and weather forecasting and are Android and iPhone compatible.

Today, we would like to tell you about the perks of Rachio. Is it for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to find out:

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1. Do you want full leak protection?

The best solution is prevention. Rachio is able to detect low-flow leaks before they become a problem for you. You will be notified of where the leak is located.

2. Do you want to maximize water savings?

Rachio technology monitors flow rates and instantly shuts off if it detects a leak. You can also apply your specific yard setup, including zone type, spray head, soil type and exposure and slope, among other things.

3. Do you prefer more customization?

With a guided setup, Rachio allows you to input your personal preferences for scheduling and lawn variation as well. Life is complicated, but Rachio is intelligent enough to handle it.

4. Are you interested in connected devices?

Connecting your irrigation controller to your home’s devices increases convenience and gives you new features. Rachio can connect to a wide variety of smart household devices, including:

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  • Nest
  • Amazon Echo
  • Google Assistant
  • Alarm.com
  • SmartThings

Ready to Begin?

Call us at (973) 862-4176 to discuss bringing the benefits of Rachio to your yard. Whether you’ve already made the purchase or need a product, All Wet Irrigation can help you!

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