Upgrading to a Smart Irrigation Controller

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Why a Smart Irrigation Controller Needs to be at The Top of Your Home Improvement To-Do List

There are infinite components of your home and property that you could spend money on every month. How do you decide what are the highest priorities?

First things first, think about the most inefficient or wasteful systems in or outside of your home. Could you save valuable time and/or money by having them updated? Is taking care of the environment or conserving natural resources important to you?

If you answered yes to both questions above then you should strongly consider upgrading your irrigation timer to a Smart Wifi Controller. This simple device will reduce wasteful spending and conserve water usage, while keeping your yard healthier than ever before. Read further to learn about the specific benefits directly associated with upgrading your current irrigation timer to a smart controller.

Simple Breakdown of the Benefits

  • Saving Money: Smart Controllers allow you and your contractor to remotely monitor and control your sprinkler system. In the event of a leak, you (and your contractor) will know as soon as your Flow Meter indicates running water (when the water is off). This allows you to avoid serious water waste and address minor repairs before they turn into larger replacements.
  • Saving Water: As you can imagine, your sprinkler system becomes significantly “smarter” with a Smart Controller. But how do you ask? Your current timer has a set schedule of watering, yes? Well if it rains, how does your system know not to run? You may have to manually override the system’s schedule to “skip” the next scheduled watering or install a rain sensor to help determine that there is moisture present. With a Smart Irrigation Controller such as the Hunter Hydrawise, it waters based off local weather forecasts through its Predictive Watering Feature. No need to look at the weather or head into the garage - the cycle will pause and you will subsequently reduce your water usage for that rainy week! This not only saves water, it keeps your yard from being over watered which can cause mold, attract bugs, and ultimately kill your grass.
  • Saving Time: When you install a Smart Wifi Controller on your property, you instantly have the ability to control your system directly from your smartphone. No more figiting with the box or calling your irrigation contractor for simple changes in schedule or frequency. Your contractor can connect directly to the box and receive notifications about leaks and electrical issues before you have any idea there is a problem.

Need More Information on Brand Features & Compatibility?

Visit our Service Page to find our Smart Irrigation Controllers Comparison Guide and learn more about the specific features and system compatibility of the top models on the market today!

If you're convinced that upgrading to a Smart Irrigation Controller is going to give you more freedom to walk away from your property and trust that the health of your yard is in the hands of your system and your contractor, then call All Wet today at (973)366-8754 to schedule your Smart Controller upgrade!

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