Residential & Commercial Irrigation Maintenance

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Why Choose All Wet For Your Winterization?

Year after year, All Wet Irrigation has been the trusted choice for Northern New Jersey residents’ irrigation, outdoor lighting and lawn care needs. Our maintenance programs aim to be as dependable as the leaves turning in the fall or the sun setting in the west. And we didn’t put up a facade overnight—we’ve established our company as the leading Essex and Union County irrigation, outdoor lighting and lawn care service provider that we’re known for today by taking every opportunity we could to improve.

We Are Familiar With Your System

We hire our technicians purposefully and keep as many as we can busy all year long, as full-time employees with benefits. Every six months, we background check and drug test each and every technician. The result is happy, professional technicians that put in the legwork to give customers the exceptional service they deserve and expect from a reputable home services contractor. Your system is unique, and if our techs don’t already know everything there is to know about it, learning it is their mission.

Some of the additional steps we take to ensure we retain the friendly, professional faces you will recognize year after year are:  

  • Taking sincere interest in our staff, their work-life balance and their families. 
  • Keeping employees busy during off-season with truck repair or inventory restocking.
  • Ongoing training (that we consider essential and of the utmost importance!).

The care we give our employees directly impacts the care they have for you, the customer. You can expect full attention to your system as a result!

Safe, Efficient Dispatches

We use GPS systems in our full-stocked trucks to ensure quick, on-time arrivals and efficient service & repairs. We also have a strict, safe driving policy.

It doesn’t feel very good to be cut off or sped by in traffic by anyone, but it is particularly unsettling when it’s done by someone in a company vehicle. With All Wet, you’ll know when you’re driving alongside one of our blue and green trucks on the road, that we always keep safety and courtesy first. If someone can’t behave on the road, can you trust them in your home? You will never have to worry about that with us.

We’re Simply The Northern New Jersey Yard Experts

We take all conditions of your property into consideration such as:

  • Grade/Slope
  • Shade
  • Sunlight
  • Landscaping
  • Yard Layout
  • Pump System

We also conduct pressure testing of your pump system before we install or replace anything, to ensure we know the true capacity of your system’s capabilities. In addition, we listen to our customers, always use the highest quality products, and maintain a database of information about your property's irrigation and lighting systems.,year after year. Have a concern with a previous service or problem area in your yard? Won’t need to tell us twice!

We completed 3000+ winterizations last year alone!

If everything above hasn’t already swayed you to consider All Wet Irrigation & Lighting as your year-round yard specialists, consider the implications of hiring some random company to turn your system off and on that may bother to inspect for leaks or other necessary repairs during winterization. Overlooking even the smallest issues could cost you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars come springtime.

Friendly Reminder: Schedule your Winterization if you haven’t already. BUT DO NOT UNPLUG YOUR SMART IRRIGATION TIMER! You will lose your settings! It could develop condensation and become susceptible to freezing and cracking.

If you need winterization services, sprinkler repairs or irrigation system replacement and are considering a long-term residential or commercial irrigation maintenance provider, then give All Wet a chance to earn your loyalty by calling our friendly representatives at (973) 366-8754 or filling out our contact us form to request a service call. 

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