Why Should I Winterize My Irrigation System?

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All Wet’s Experts Say There Is A Great Reason To Ready Your System For Spring

It’s November and the northeast coast has yet to become the icicle factory that it is in the months of February and March. 

The leaves have been brilliant shades of red and gold. The temperatures have been almost ideal. A few cold nights are quickly resolved by a set of 70-degree days. You’ve been out to blow fallen leaves a number of times and you’ve had the garden put to bed. You’re ready to hang up the rake and float away on the twinkling lights of the holiday season. 

You may already have your turkey in the freezer and some ideas for holiday presents in your Amazon “Save For Later” cart, but your responsibilities in your home’s yard are far from complete.

Do I Need To Winterize in NJ?

In New Jersey, even the mildest of winters have some nights that fall below freezing. As homeowners, we’re often conscious of ensuring the underground pipes of a house may burst as the temperature moves from cold to colder. We’re often less conscious about another set of pipes that could cost an arm and a leg than our inground sprinkler and irrigation systems. 

Because our sprinkler systems are only a couple feet from the surface of the lawn, it only takes a short time in the below freezing zone for your pipes to begin to suffer. 

As leftover water in your pipes shrinks and expands with the weather, the opportunity for leaks or even blown pipes is incredibly high. 

What do the experts recommend? Our irrigation system specialists suggest that you have your sprinkler and irrigation system pipes blown free of leftover water. Blowing out the system annually is far less costly than leaving yourself open to steeply priced repairs and installs. Some systems have drains to drain the water, but these systems tend to use more water and frequently fail to function properly, leaving you and your family open for a whole other set of repairs. 

Call All Wet 973-862-4117  today to winterize your home irrigation system. Ensure that when spring has sprung and the days are getting warmer and longer, you’ll have a system you can turn on and expect to work, without the hassle and investment of a brand new system to replace damaged pipes.

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