Importance Of Hiring A Lighting Professional

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4 Ways Hiring A Professional Makes Your Outdoor Lighting Better

Whether you’re trying to enhance your home’s appearance to entice potential buyers or simply because it’s time for a change, proper outdoor lighting can highlight your home’s best features and enhance its overall appearance. However, even if you have the perfect vision of how you want everything to look, implementing your plan is no easy task.

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Trained landscape and lighting experts have the essential knowledge and skills necessary to create the perfect accent to your home. If you’re in the dark on how best to illuminate the outside of your home, consider these four benefits of contacting a licensed professional for help.

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  1. Saving Money

It seems contradictory, but you’re actually more likely to save money by hiring a qualified expert than attempting to light your home independently. Not all equipment is of the same quality and large home improvement stores do not always provide top-notch products.

If the bulbs you buy burn out prematurely or fail to work in the first place, you will be faced with the frustrating task or returning fixtures that don’t meet your needs; and you may not be able to return them at all if you bought them on sale.

Even if you do find a product that is right for you, professional hardware is a lot more reliable than big box store products. Most people who decide to DIY their outdoor lighting end up replacing them far more often than a professionally-created lighting scheme. Make sure you’re getting what you pay for, and consider calling an expert for your outdoor lighting needs.

    1. An Eye For Design

    Your outdoor designer has been specifically trained to give a proper assessment of each unique home and yard layout. They will be able to tell you which ideas are possible, and which may need some adjustment based on the layout of your property. They will also be able to lay out a step-by-step plan to help you accomplish your specific lighting goals.

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With a professional’s help, you won’t have to go back to the drawing board if something were to go awry, as their knowledge and experience will prevent major problems from cropping up in the first place. Professionals also have plenty of previous lighting experience and can recognize and resolve a design problem that you may overlook because you don’t know it’s a problem. All in all, a specialist's artistic eye, pragmatic perception and prior experience will all benefit you greatly in any outdoor lighting renovation venture.

  1. Warranties

Because we at All Wet are committed to keeping your system running at peak performance for years to come, we install all systems with a landscape lighting warranty that includes two-year workmanship guarantee and offer a minimum 10-year replacement warranty on all fixtures. If one of the fixtures you purchased and installed independently malfunctions after a few months, you may not be able to return it under warranty; plus, you will be tasked with replacing the old unit and re-installing the new one yourself.

  1. The Latest Technology

Rather than settling for some clunky lanterns or chunky outdated bulbs, professional designers provide the latest technology to enhance your home even further. Landscape lighting is not just a quickie installation; it’s an art form that takes time and attention to detail. Whether you want a striking look or a more subtle glow, utilizing the proper equipment is as essential as having a keen eye for design.

For example, here at All Wet we invested in energy-saving LED bulbs because they have an extremely long lifespan, produce the same amount of light as traditional bulbs with less energy consumption and do not get hot. Not only are you saving energy, but LEDs are also very versatile and can be used to light your deck, walkways, steps and entryways, among many other things!

All Wet’s custom outdoor LED lighting and irrigation solutions have been enhancing homes across Northern New Jersey for over 30 years. Because we pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy, we are able to finish most any lighting project in just one day. Give us a call today at (973)-862-4170, or contact us online and we will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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