The Value of Irrigation Flow Meters

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Flow Meters Protect Your Landscaping

Have you ever come home from work or vacation to find a massive puddle in your backyard from a sprinkler line leak? As much as the kids enjoyed the fresh puddles, you probably weren’t quite as thrilled. If you’d prefer to avoid that headache again, All Wet may have the perfect solution.

Flow meters work by measuring the amount of water that passes through a water line. When implemented with your irrigation system, they can become a powerful tool to:

  • Illuminate obstructions or leaks in the water lines.
  • Notify you of the presence of clogs in sprinkler heads.
  • Help you save money on water usage.
  • Prevent plants from being killed by too much or too little water.
  • Catch mechanical problems with sensors or solenoids.

This can help to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful and quickly alert you to issues so they can be fixed before they cause more trouble.

All Wet is glad to install any flow meter for you, but we specifically recommend both the Hunter HC and Rachio Wireless Flow Meters for their outstanding functionality and performance.

Hunter Flow Meter

Hunter HC Flow Meter

The Hunter HC is a high quality, modern flow meter. When used as part of the Hydrawise system, this Wi-Fi enabled flow meter brings you comprehensive, accurate reporting. The Hunter HC Flow Meter offers:

  • Fast leak detection.
  • Flow level monitoring.
  • Alerts to high flow and low flow.
  • Specific zone water output reporting.
  • Total water output reporting.

The Hunter HC Flow Meter requires three feet of straight pipe that must be housed inside for installation.

The Rachio Wireless Flow Meter

Rachio is a reliable brand that gives you the ability to monitor and control your irrigation system from your smartphone or tablet. It is commonly available for sale on the internet via Amazon.

Although many contractors prefer not to install previously purchased irrigation equipment, All Wet would be happy to provide professional installation of your Rachio flow meter. This will ensure that your meter has been installed correctly and is providing you with accurate information.  

Rachio Flow Meter
  • Quickly detect leaks and monitor water flow.
  • Immediate water flow shut off by zone when leaks detected.
  • Instant notification of leakage.
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You only need one foot of straight pipe, that can be outside or inside, for accurate monitoring.

Pair Your Flow Meter With a Smart Controller for Optimal Watering

Pair your flow meter with the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller or Hunter Hydrawise system for a smart watering system that provides optimal irrigation. These smart controller systems combine predictive watering, accurate flow monitoring and smartphone control capabilities to help you  your yard and landscaping.

Trust All Wet Irrigation For Professional Flow Meter Installation

Call the All Wet irrigation and lawn care experts today at (973) 862-4170 for correct flow meter installation. You should always rely on a professional to ensure that the meter is installed to give you proper readings. Let us use our experience for your benefit!


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