Old Wive’s Tales About Watering

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The Truth About When You Should Water Your Lawn

Happy National Lawn Care Month! If you take on your own lawn care, you can take on a huge headache. Watering seems like it should be a relatively simple subject. Unfortunately, things are rarely as easy as they should be. Since it’s so hard to separate fact from fiction, we’ve assembled a few myths about lawn watering that you may have heard. 

Myth #1: Water your lawn every day for healthier grass. 

The first myth is especially relevant during the drier times of year such as summertime. When it’s hot you may have heard that it’s good to water the lawn daily. Our experts can tell you that’s not true. Daily watering can cause your grass root system to become dependent on water, causing them to grow more shallow.

Watering deeply and infrequently ensures that your roots will grow longer and deep into the ground. This allows your root system to be stronger. If you’re trying to ensure your lawn is properly watered, calling All Wet [phone-link] for our irrigation services is the best choice you can make for your lawn and your home. 

Myth #2: Water as much as possible.

The second myth may have been passed from neighbor to neighbor somewhere in suburbia, The idea is that there’s never too much water. And that theory is very wrong. 

Overwatering can cause problems with shallow roots like we just mentioned, but it can also cause the growth of things like mushrooms, which kill grass. When you overwater you risk other growth occupying your territory. 

Myth #3: Don’t water during the sunniest part of the day.  

The last watering myth can be relevant for any homeowner. An old wive’s tail suggests that when you water your plants or your grass in the sun, you risk scorching the leaves or the blades. This is based on the false idea that every water droplet acts like a tiny magnifying glass, magnifying the sun’s rays on your greenery. 

But anyone who has ever witnessed a pouring rain shower in the height of summer knows that the heat evaporates rain, causing it to seemingly disappear in some cases. Watering on a bright, hot and sunny day at the height of the sun will waste water, but it won’t scorch your leaves or grass. 

The Best Time to Water

If you’re trying to determine when your lawn needs to be watered, try sticking your finger into the lawn or pulling out a soil sample. If the dirt is dry, your lawn is definitely not getting enough water. During the heat of summer, watering in the early morning before the sun is fully up is best. This allows the water to soak into your grass before it is evaporated by the high heat of the day. 

The amount of water a lawn needs to grow can vary and depend on how sunny or shady an area is, the composition of the soil and the surrounding plants and trees that compete for the water supply. When you work with All Wet, we use our lawn and irrigation expertise to help your grass and property flourish. Our lawn care services are second to none.

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