Lawn Myths Busted

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The Truth About Lawn Care For Your Home

Taking care of your lawn shouldn’t take a PhD. So why is it so much of what we hear about lawns and irrigation is less fact and more speculation?

Some of the things that many of us take as fact are in actuality, not scientifically correct. Let’s take a look at a couple of lawn care myths that we can bust to help the grass grow green.

Myth #1 It's best to seed in spring.+
Fact: It can be better to seed in fall.

We often hear that it’s best to plant your grass seed in spring. However, especially if you live in an area where it gets hot quickly in springtime, you could end up with grass seed that is stressed. You’ll work overtime to keep the grass hydrated as the summer months pass by. Fall can be the best time to seed because temperatures level out and are easier on the grass seed. Your seed also won’t have to compete with heavy weed pressure typically seen in spring or summer. All Wet Irrigation & Lighting will take care of seeding for grass when it’s the prime time in the season for doing so. Call us today and we’ll make sure you’re prepared for spring and fall lawn care!

Myth #2 Cut grass short to mow less.
Fact: Cutting grass too short can be bad for your lawn.

You may have heard this about golf courses. Cutting grass short does not keep you from having to regularly mow your lawn in the growing season. What’s worse, cutting grass short will leave it more vulnerable. You’ll essentially be giving weeds more sunlight to grow. As a reference, the longer the grass blade above ground, the longer the root system within the soil. When All Wet takes charge of your lawn care, we make sure your grass is in perfect health. Our steady routine of maintenance services will keep your lawn length consistent and perfect taking in water and rain.

#3 Rake every leaf off of your grass or it will kill your lawn.
Fact: Leaves can help the grass grow.

We often hear that letting leaves pile up on the grass will kill your lawn but there’s no need to go fetch the rake. A light coating of mulched leaves could be just what the doctor ordered. If you mow over a layer of leaves this will create a chopped up layer of leaves chaulk full of nutrients to break back down into the turf. Talk to us today if you have questions about mowing your grass. We’re the experts in fertilization and we’ll be able to tell you what steps to take to keep your lawn lush and healthy. Leave your leaves up to the experts!

#4 Fertilizing your lawn in spring is always best.
Fact: Some warmer weather grasses like to be fertilized when it's warm.

There are some grasses that prefer to be fertilized when warm - late spring or early summer. These grasses include Bermuda and Zoysia grass. There are, however, cool-season grasses like Kentucky blue grass and Ryegrass, that are happier with fertilization in early spring. When you trust your lawn to All Wet, we fertilize when the time is best for your type of grass in this climate. We know the best steps to take year round to ensure your grass is the nicest on the block.

Let All Wet Take Charge of Your Lawn Care Routine

With All Wet, you won’t have to worry about the fact or fiction of residential lawn care. We’ll take care of every step of your lawn care formula from laying seed to fertilizing at the optimal time to help your lawn be the envy of your neighbors. Call us 973.366.8754 today!

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