Protect Your Whole Family From Harmful Tick Bites

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With a Few Helpful Hints From the Friendly Professionals at All Wet!

While it may be very easy to tell when you receive a nasty tick bite, sometimes it can be a bit trickier. Or even worse, you don’t discover the tick has been hitching a ride until you pull it out of your hair or out from behind your ear! These sneaky pests can cause a variety of issues ranging from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to Lyme Disease to Anaplasmosis. Additionally, some of these diseases can be transmitted from ticks to your furry feline or canine companions. Here are a few tips that can help your entire family avoid tick bites this tick season!

Check The Date

While there are plenty of effective treatments made specifically for animals, it is important that you check the date of any medication that you give your pet. An old product that has been sitting in your cupboard for as long as you can remember may have expired, which means even if you administer the treatment diligently, you’re out of luck! However, there’s no need to fret if you discover that your pet protection treatment has expired. In fact, it could be the perfect opportunity to ask your vet about new or more effective options that may be available, especially if you’ve been using the same tick protection method for a long time.

Groom Your Pet…And Your Lawn

Looking for a great way to spend time with your best bud while keeping an eye out for those tiny hazardous pests? Consider creating a routine grooming schedule even if your pet spends most of his or her time indoors. Ticks can hitch a ride on any moving object and can, therefore, be accidentally transported inside your home! In addition to checking your furry friend’s coat for stowaways, it’s important to maintain your lawn in order to eliminate the tick’s preferred habitat. Because ticks are fond of high grass, make sure you’re cutting your lawn regularly...but not too short that your grass becomes damaged! You can also collect and dispose of any leaves or stray foliage that may provide a damp, dark place for ticks to hide and breed.

Keep Cat And Canine Products Separate

If you have both cats and dogs, you may think you’re saving a bit of time and money by using tick prevention medication interchangeably. However, certain medications that are suitable for dogs are very toxic and dangerous to felines. Be sure to always carefully read the directions and warnings on your pet’s medication, especially if you are a bit unsure of how to administer the treatment. Never risk just “winging it”!

Guard Your Yard With Professional Treatment

To eliminate a vast majority of ticks and other pests like mosquitoes, you may want to consider a professional yard defense program that eliminates up to 80-90% of ticks and mosquitoes. Such treatments safeguard your entire home by protecting: 

  • The perimeter of your home
  • The perimeter of your lawn
  • Between trees, shrubs and other hard-to-reach areas of your yard

We use environmentally-friendly products that are registered for use by the EPA. This means that you and your pets can play in your yard as soon as the treatment has finished drying; which is only about an hour!  

If you are looking for a pest control service that is safe for both your two and four-legged family members, give the experts at All Wet a call at 973-366-8754 or fill out a contact form. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 

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