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Your lawn is something that you should be proud of. After all, it is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. And we can all agree to disagree that there’s nothing quite as satisfying as the smell of freshly cut grass and the sight of your well-manicured yard. With that said; summer isn’t exactly the most hospitable season for a beautiful, emerald-green oasis. 

Follow these useful guidelines for a vibrant and healthy lawn all summer long! 

Aeration & Overseeding: Overseeding is a great way to spruce up your lackluster lawn, or get rid of any patchy spots. During this process, existing sod in your yard is thinly sliced, and new seeds are deposited among the fully-grown grass. Sounds easy enough, but if not done properly, your yard can become clumpy or damaged, making the unevenness even worse! This is why it is best to call on a reputable company to carry out the job, rather than buying seed yourself or going with an inexperienced or unlicensed company. 

We find it is best to provide overseeding services immediately after aeration services in which an aerator runs over your lawn, creating many small holes in the soil that allow your yard to breathe by eliminating compacted soil and lawn thatch. 

Insect Control: Everyone knows how it feels to be enjoying a warm summer evening only to be suddenly bombarded with pesky, itchy mosquito bites! In addition to the discomfort these insects cause, mosquitoes are the most common transmitter of Zika Virus. Symptoms of Zika include fevers, headaches, and possible birth defects down the road. Make sure you are not overwatering your lawn, as mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. You may also want to consider a pest control treatment, that can be up to 90% effective! 

Fertilizer: To give your lawn an advantage against the dry summer season, consider applying fertilizer throughout the summer months. This extra bonus will help your grass remain vibrant, so your can spend less time worrying about your yard’s health, and more time enjoying it! Consider scheduling lawn fertilizer service, which includes a soil test and customizable plan so you can choose the right treatment for your lawn to thrive! 

Sprinkler Repair: If your sprinklers are not functioning properly, your lawn will be more susceptible to drought-stress and weed infestation. Additionally; if your sprinkler system develops a leak, puddles can form ruining your water and wasting water. Standing water is also the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and encourages fungi growth. 

Make sure to check your sprinkler heads for damage that may have been caused by high water pressure or the lawn mower. A broken, tilted or clogged sprinkler head may still spray water, but will not cover the entire area it needs to, leaving patches of your lawn vulnerable and other areas overwatered. 

Mowing: While you don’t want a jungle where your front yard should be, leaving the blades a bit high when you mow is extremely beneficial to your lawn. Not only can taller blades absorb more light, which is crucial for the health and growing potential of your grass, they also create a small amount of shade that the surrounding soil needs to retain as much water as possible during the drier months. If you give your lawn a buzzcut, the grass will not be able to capture the nutrients it needs to remain thick and green! 

Considering Lawn Care Services For Your Home or Business?

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