Spring into a Beautiful Lawn with All Wet’s Early Spring Fertilizer and Crabgrass Preventer

all wet spring lawn care

As winter ends and spring begins, your lawn is emerging from dormancy and will soon be actively growing. Applying an early spring fertilizer and crabgrass preventer is crucial to ensure your lawn receives the nutrients it needs while keeping unwanted weeds at bay.

At All Wet Irrigation & Lighting, we offer an effective 7-step lawn care program that includes an early spring fertilizer and crabgrass preventer application. This program is specifically designed to keep your lawn looking healthy and green throughout the year.

Early spring fertilizer application is essential for providing your lawn with the necessary nutrients to encourage healthy growth. By feeding your lawn early in the season, you’re giving it a head start on the growing season, which is especially important after the winter months when your lawn may be nutrient-depleted.

In addition, crabgrass can be a major problem for many lawns during the summer months. Crabgrass seeds can lie dormant in the soil until the right conditions arise for germination. By applying a crabgrass preventer in early spring, you can stop the weed before it has a chance to take root and become a problem.

Our 7-step lawn care program also includes weed and insect control, and grub control ensures your lawn remains healthy and vibrant all season long. When you choose All Wet’s 7-step lawn care program, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our experienced technicians. Our program includes the following steps:

  1. Early spring fertilizer and crabgrass preventer
  2. Late spring weed and crabgrass preventer
  3. Early summer fertilizer and grub control
  4. Late summer fertilizer and insect control
  5. Fall fertilizer and weed control
  6. Winterizer fertilizer and weed control

By choosing All Wet’s lawn care services, you can trust that your lawn will receive the care and attention it needs to thrive. Call/Text/Email us today to learn more about our 7-step lawn care program and schedule your early spring fertilizer and crabgrass preventer application.

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