Smart Irrigation Month

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Conserve Water & Pad Your Wallet With These #SmartIrrigation Tips From All Wet

You may assume that if the grass is green and growing, there is no need to attend to your irrigation system. However; because July is Smart Irrigation Month, now is the perfect time to think of ways you can improve your system’s efficiency. Not only does an efficient system conserve water, which greatly benefits the environment, but it could also save you loads of money on your next utility bill!

Consider these options when you decide if it’s time to revamp your irrigation system.

Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Let’s face it, although we would all like to possess Martha Stewart-level gardening skills, not a lot of us have time to become gardening gurus. From working all day to shuttling the kids around to figuring out what you’re doing for dinner, there’s barely any time left in the day to breathe, let alone tend to a yard full of flowers. 

However, the dream of your perfect garden is within reach with a smart sprinkler controller! Wifi-integrated smart irrigation controllers feature a smartphone dashboard so you can customize your system’s watering patterns to perfectly meet your lawn and garden’s watering needs. 

Additionally, the Hunter Hydrawise controller adjusts your watering schedule based on local weather conditioners. This means you can avoid wasting resources by watering when it rains! The Hydrawise can also send repair alerts directly to your irrigation contractor, resolving problems before your yard suffers.

Lawn Maintenance

Though everyone enjoys a well-manicured lawn, be sure you aren’t cutting your grass too short. Grass grows by taking its energy from the sun during the photosynthesis process, so if you cut your grass too short, it won’t have enough energy to grow. This will lead to shorter roots that suck up more water. 

Your lawn doesn’t need to resemble a jungle, but make sure you know the best height to cut your grass in order to optimize root strength and water usage. There are many different varieties of grass, so research your specific type to find which height works best for your lawn.

  • Never cut more than 1/3 height: Your lawn will stay cooler if less plant matter is removed, making it less thirsty. 
  • Don’t overwater: Drenched roots will become deprived of oxygen and may result in diseases that flourish in wet environments. 
  • Let it recover: During the peak of summer, your area may experience droughts. Be sure not to mow your lawn during these periods, as your lawn is already weakened and will not be able to recover as well from cutting.
  • Keep your mower blades sharp: Dull blades do not stimulate growth as sharp ones do, and will actually pull out the plant tissue, rather than cutting it. This can cause your grass to turn brown and develop fungal disease. 
  • Water in the morning: This will ensure your lawn is able to soak up the water before the the mid-day sun evaporates it. Watering at night, after the sun goes down, can also present problems with excess moisture and fungus growth.

Not only will these tips help you save money and water, but they will also greatly decrease the chance of common lawn diseases taking up residence in your lawn this summer. 

If you have any questions regarding reducing water waste on your property this summer or you may be interested in installing a smart(er) irrigation system in your yard, give us a call at (973)-862-4176. We would be happy to help in any way we can!

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