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Homeowners all over Franklin, NJ and the surrounding areas trust All Wet Irrigation and Lighting for professional, effective lawn care services. Not only will we winterize and maintain your sprinkler systems, we will service your yard, install your outdoor lights and treat your lawn for mosquitoes and ticks. Just one call for all your yard needs in Franklin, NJ!

Read our Franklin, NJ reviews below to learn more about how our customers rely on us for the expertise they need, whether it’s mosquito control, aeration, fertilization or other lawn needs.

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FranklinNJ07416 41.1275-74.5775

Juan P.

Juan P.

We have completed a thorough winterization of your irrigation system. Please leave all irrigation shut-off valves closed to prevent re-introducing water into your system, which could cause freeze damage. If you notice any water dripping outside, or icicle formations on irrigation pipes, please call us to schedule having your shut-off valve replaced immediately. We look forward to starting up and inspecting your system in the Spring! Don’t forget to renew your annual membership, if you haven’t already! Any necessary repairs or upgrades were identified and recommendations provided.

Near Main St, Franklin, NJ 07416
Chris D.

Chris D.

We just completed your mid-season inspection, and we wanted to provide you with an update on the valuable services we've performed to ensure your irrigation system continues to perform optimally for a lush and healthy landscape. Here's a technical breakdown of the tasks we've completed: ___________________________________________________________________ Leak-Free Performance: We pressurized your system to detect any leaks. By addressing leaks promptly, we prevent water waste, save you money on utility bills, and preserve our precious resources. Optimal Coverage: Our team adjusted your sprinkler heads to guarantee proper coverage. This means every inch of your landscape receives the right amount of water, minimizing dry spots and ensuring a lush, healthy environment. Smart Timing: We've set your timer based on the current weather and seasonal conditions. By aligning watering schedules with the unique needs of your plants, we maximize water efficiency and prevent over or under-waterin

Near Main St, Franklin, NJ 07416
Rob K.

Rob K.

___________________________________________________________________ Pressurized the system to check for leaks, adjusted sprinkler heads for proper coverage, and set the timer based on current weather and seasonal conditions. Inspected the system for any issues and provided recommendations for repairs or upgrades as needed. With these services completed, your irrigation system is now running efficiently and effectively. ___________________________________________________________________ Inspection Report Zone 1 replace rotary head Change 2 nozzles to MPs and lower head Zone 2 good Zone 3 one rotary Zone 4 good Zone 5 2 rotary heads Zone 6 lower and replace 6 inch mp Zone 7 poly break ___________________________________________________________________ Timer Settings Start Time: Days: Timer was left ON/OFF as per homeowners request. ___________________________________________________________________ Tested Rain Sensor; Working/Not Working _______________________________________

Near Main St, Franklin, NJ 07416
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