Our Fall Lawn Care Tips

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Get a Head Start on Spring!

It’s that time of year again. 

We’ve long since put our gardens to bed, and the occasional mum provides its striking color against all the brilliance of fall. For those of us with gardening and landscaping in our hearts, this is the time of year we begin to plan our spring and summer greenery.  At All Wet, we get it. You want to know the best way to help your lawn brave the NJ winter and we’re here to help. 

We can promise you that the steps you take during the fall to get your lawn ready for winter will have a direct impact on the grass that grows on your lawn in the spring. If you take care now and follow our Fall Lawn Care Tips, after all the holiday hoopla is over you’ll have a lush, green season to spring into this spring! 

  • Fertilizing in fall is a great way to make sure your green grass is growing next Spring. It can mean the difference between a lawn that looks stomped on by winter’s giant foot and a lawn that looks like a piece of paradise. 
  • After the first feeding, follow up in about 6 weeks with a second fall feeding and give your grass what it really needs to get up through that spring push.
  • A lawn covered in a gold and red tapestry of fall leaves can be stunning, but did you ever think about what it’s like under all those leaves without sun and the ability to breathe? When you leave your leaves coating the grass, you’re likely to find thinner, more sparse grass in the spring. Conversely, if you mulch your leaves you can use them in the fall feeding of your lawn. 
  • Another fall tip? As you continue to cut your grass through fall, lower the height of your grass by taking off 1 to 2 inches more than you would in summer. This helps the grass hibernate through the icy cold of our NJ winters. 

Other tips:

  •  Clean your gutters! Clogged gutters and rains can leave you with a small pond in your yard, killing what grass you have there. 
  • Move lawn furniture! If you leave those chairs and outdoor sofa on the lawn, you’re likely to find that the grass under them is dead or not growing come early spring. 
  • Ensure you hang your tools and dry them so they are not covered in rust when the warmer months arrive. 

If you have questions about your lawn this season, don’t hesitate to give All Wet a call for answers from someone with true landscaping expertise. Call us at (973) 366-8754 today!

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