Elevate Your Yard’s Aesthetic and Increase Safety

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With Professionally Installed Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

October is National Outdoor Lighting Month! The awareness movement was founded in 2013 to inform homeowners of the impact outdoor lighting can have on their yard’s appearance. Professionally installed quality lighting will not only transform your home’s exterior, but also increase safety by illuminating potential nighttime hazards such as rocks and stairs. Just because October is almost over doesn’t mean it’s too late to learn more about the benefits of outdoor lighting!

Visually Pleasing: With outdoor lighting, you can make your yard stand out without having to purchase any bulky fixtures. Subtly brighten up your home’s unique features, and impress the whole neighborhood! You may also consider landscape lighting for your business, which will be sure to draw eyes and intrigue any and all passersby. 

Safety First: As winter approaches and the days become shorter, you may find that it’s already dark outside by the time you return home from work. Strategically placed outdoor lighting will ensure you can enter and exit your house safely when the sun goes down by revealing camouflaged tree roots and other tricky obstacles. Additionally, any excess light is more likely to scare off potential intruders, as they will assume people are home and awake. 

Maximize Your Home: If you can only use your porch or patio during daylight hours, you’re not utilizing its full potential! Outdoor picnics and BBQ’s are a blast, but only if everyone is able to see one another. Landscape lighting opens the door to an abundance of fun outdoor activities that would not otherwise be possible to enjoy after the sun sets. 

Increase Home Value: If you’re looking to sell your home in the future, outdoor lighting can enhance any features that you’d like potential buyers to take note of. Additionally, the accessibility of outdoor living spaces and enhanced security features are very appealing! By simply illuminating your residence, you can increase its exterior appeal, and create an experience people will remember when they are deciding which house they would like to call home. 

Current Outdoor Lighting Packages

If you’re interested in elevating your property with high-quality professional outdoor lighting, give us a call at (973)-366-8754, or check out our current Outdoor Lighting Packages on our Specials Page. We would be more than happy to help you improve the appearance and safety of your property, in any way we can!

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