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3 Lawn Care Tips Every Northern NJ Home or Business Owner Should Know

All Wet Irrigation & Lighting is now offering professional lawn care services. Whether you’re considering professional lawn care in Northern NJ or simply looking for additional tips to improve the health of your lawn, we can help! We are offering over ten new services, so in order to help you get started, we have compiled our Top 3 Lawn Care Tips.

Tip #1 - Check For Grubs

Grubs are one of the most common and destructive lawn pests. If your lawn is well irrigated and you notice dead patches in late summer/early fall, grubs are a likely culprit. Try lifting one of these patches. If it rolls back effortlessly without a root system, it has probably been feasted upon by these pests.

We offer options to get grub populations under control and stop them from ruining your grass.

Tip #2 - Avoid Scalping Your Lawn

Cutting your grass too close can cause a problem called thatch, where your lawn feels spongy and has a fibrous layer of stalks and roots below the green leaves. It isn’t just unattractive--it can cause your lawn to rapidly wilt.

If you have thatch, lawn aeration will help to break it up. This punctures through the thatch and lets nutrients and water reach the grass roots. And for the future, try keeping your grass at least 2 ½ inches tall. A lawn care professional from All Wet can help you determine if you have a type of grass that should be kept longer.

Tip #3 - Recycle Clippings

It might be easier to bag your grass clippings and avoid thinking about them, but those clippings are very rich in nitrogen, which your lawn thrives on. As long as you don’t have thatch buildup, it is beneficial for your lawn. Try starting a grass-based mulch.

Your lawn will still need fertilization to get more nitrogen and other nutrients, so be sure to take advantage of our fertilization services.

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