Landscape Lighting Ideas

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Rejuvenate Your Yard With Professional Landscape Lighting Ideas

Landscape lighting is an opportunity to show off your lawn at night with your choice of subtle or dramatic effects. Lighting can easily make the difference between an unwelcoming dark area beside your house and one where you can enjoy company or alone time. In addition to beauty aspects, it also offers added security.

Here are a few landscape lighting ideas for different effects that can make the difference for your yard.

Deck & Patio

Most people spend the majority of their time around their deck and patio area. Illuminating this area is not only convenient, but puts a spotlight on an inviting space. Lights can be placed on steps to ensure safety.

Arbor Lighting

If you have a beautiful arbor that you want to show off even at night, consider the strategic placement of lights. The combination of the natural beauty of your plants and the sophisticated illumination creates a very elegant effect.

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Walkway & Path

This is really an essential addition to your yard for night walks to your doorstep. Once you have a visible walkway at night, you’ll wonder how you ever felt comfortable walking across it before. It’s much easier than carrying around a flashlight, and it’s also a very attractive addition.


Have you heard of the terms uplighting or downlighting? This is where lights are installed either pointing up or down to create effects. Downlighting is more of a traditional placement whereas uplighting is installed on the ground pointing up, giving a more dramatic look.

Motion Activated

Motion activated lights are not only a good security measure but also effective for saving energy. You will have the convenience of lights turning on when you walk past and then turning off when they are unneeded.


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One of the great things about outdoor lighting is that it’s customizable. You can have simple deck lighting or have uplighting for your trellis beside motion-activated path lighting. Take a look at your lawn. Is there anything you would like to highlight or any area that could use a little more visibility?

If you want to discuss your outdoor lighting aspirations, we are here at All Wet Lighting to help you! Call us at (973) 366-8754.

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