Irrigation Planning & Design in Northern NJ

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Gorgeous Landscaping Requires Expert Irrigation Design

Everyone wants a great looking yard. You invest time and energy into an attractive landscape design to ensure that you have great curb appeal. And it looks amazing!

But how can you keep it looking lush and green long term?

This is where a properly installed sprinkler system comes into play. Proper irrigation design is crucial to have a great looking landscape. If your irrigation plan is off by even the smallest detail, you could end up with a swamp in your side yard and a barren wasteland in your front yard.

That’s why it’s important to have a qualified professional conduct your irrigation planning, design and install. The licensed irrigation technicians at All Wet have extensive training and knowledge of northern New Jersey’s landscape and irrigation needs. We will evaluate your property and create an irrigation design that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood, all year long.

Factors We Consider In Your Irrigation Plan

There are many factors to consider when planning your irrigation design, from your goals and budget to the land itself. All Wet starts every irrigation plan with a consultation on your property to ensure that we are taking into account every detail while designing your irrigation system.

  • Slopes and hills. The best way to avoid soggy turf and ponding is to design around the grade, or slope, of your land. Not designing with grade in mind can kill your grass and encourage fungal growth.
  • Plant types. Shrubs, trees, grass, and flowers all have different watering needs. Good irrigation design ensures that all your plants get the water they need to stay healthy and looking their best.
  • Size and shape of irrigated areas. Getting adequate water coverage in small or oddly shaped landscapes can be challenging. All Wet will take this into account when selecting/plotting sprinkler heads.
  • Sun and shade. Plants in shade have different watering needs than plants in direct sunlight. Your irrigation plan must be tailored to provide the correct amount of water regardless of light level.
  • Water pressure. The water pressure on your property can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your sprinkler system. One must determine the Sprinkler System Design Capacity that is available based on the water pressure and water source of the property, to avoid inefficient watering.
  • Permits. In order to conduct a proper irrigation system installation, irrigation contractors should communicate and comply with local agencies regarding permits, utility lines, and backflow prevention devices.

Ready to make sure your gorgeous landscaping stays gorgeous? Call All Wet at 973-366-8754 or contact us today to schedule your irrigation design consultation.

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