Sprinkler Pump Considerations

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How Powerful Does My Sprinkler Pump Need to Be?

If water conservation and/or money savings is a priority for you while having a healthy, beautiful lawn, then getting a sprinkler pump is a great next step for your irrigation system. These pumps will operate at a lower pressure while still giving your yard the amount of water it needs to thrive.

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All Wet Irrigation is a local NJ irrigation expert, and we know that there are many steps to adding a sprinkler pump to your irrigation system. An important part of getting a new pump is determining the power capabilities. Below are the steps that should be taken by a qualified contractor in order to successfully pair you with the right sprinkler pump for your needs.

Consider the Elevation of Your Lawn

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How high will the water have to travel from the source to reach your pump? It needs to be fewer than 25 feet, although if you want your system to work optimally, it should be less than five feet from the source.

How Big is Your Yard?

If you have a big yard, then you know that means more water and more pumping. The Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) for each one of your sprinkler heads and Gallons Per Minute (GPM) are important. The more sprinkler heads you have, the greater these numbers are going to be.

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How Far are Your Sprinkler Heads?

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Pumping water requires more power when it has farther to travel, as we reviewed with the elevation of your lawn. But you also need to note how far your sprinkler heads are from the water source. Longer distances will require more powerful pumps.

Other Important Considerations

The source of your water will determine what type of sprinkler pump you need:

  • City Water
  • Well Water
  • Lake Water

You should also know that sometimes your specific needs may not work with a sprinkler pump. Whereas other irrigation contractors may try to hide this, we believe honesty is the best policy.

There is a lot to consider when getting a sprinkler pump for your lawn, but the money and water conservation is a great tradeoff. If you need assistance deciding on the right pump for your needs, call the irrigation experts at All Wet at (973) 862-4176.

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