Prepping Your Irrigation System For Winter

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How do I protect my NJ sprinkler system from Freezing Temperatures?

Aside from your initial investment in the irrigation system itself, you have probably spent significant time and effort making your yard look nice, year after year. And if everything has gone according to plan, it has paid off in the form of a beautiful, healthy lawn that you can enjoy with your family & friends. 

Now that winter is approaching, you might be looking forward to putting your yard on the backburner for a few months. However, you still have an important duty to uphold before the frigid Northern New Jersey winter weather rolls in. Your sprinkler system is actually quite fragile and when those bitter New Jersey temperatures arrive, an unprepped system simply won’t stand a chance. Let us go through the process and importance of winterization and ensure the integrity the system you have already worked so hard to maintain!

Why Winterize Your Sprinkler System?

Winterizing irrigation systems is a necessity for this Northeastern climate. When water is left in pipes during freezing weather, it expands and bursts pipes, cracks backflow devices and destroys sprinkler heads and valves. The consequences of not having this done include:

  • Extensive repairs.
  • Added expenses.
  • Voided warranties (where applicable).

Remember: Even the parts of your system that are underground can freeze. All it takes is a long frost to penetrate the earth around your sprinkler heads and valves. The entire system should be professionally emptied in order to start it back up in the spring without issue.

Professional Winterization vs DIY

Some people may take it into their own hands to empty their system. After all, isn’t the process just draining out leftover water? Despite how it may seem, it isn’t quite that simple. It is important that every drop of water is removed from the plumbing. This is because the leftover water can drip, accumulate and freeze, meaning the smallest amount of residual water can leave you with a massive headache. And a typical home air compressor is not powerful enough to get all the water out of your lines.

A professional irrigation company can blow out the entire system using specialized equipment that is powerful enough to remove the water, yet gentle enough not to harm it. Thus, we suggest leaving the winterization to the professionals and focusing your attention on keeping sprinkler heads near roadways clearly marked and void of snow and debris. This will avoid some of the most common winter irrigation system damage from snow plows and heavy snow mounds.

Do You Need Winterization?

With the new year quickly approaching, if you haven’t prepared your irrigation system yet, you still have time to avoid damage. All Wet Irrigation has the professional equipment necessary to properly flush your sprinkler system and take care of its needs for the entire season. If you need our help, call us at (973) 862-4176.

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