Holiday Landscape Lighting

Christmas FX Lighting 669x272 1

Using Your Lighting System to Turn Your Yard Into A Winter Wonderland

You want your home to be warm and welcoming for your holiday guests, with lovely decor that invites your friends and family to kick off their shoes and stay awhile. But have you invested time in the first impression of your Winter Wonderland from the road? What better way to welcome good cheer to all who stumble upon your humble abode than with a beautifully-lit holiday landscape?

Here are some tips to make your yard a show-stopper this holiday season with charming holiday light displays incorporating your existing or brand new outdoor lighting system:


An excellent way to highlight your favorite features of your home, display and landscape, up-lighting allows you to direct your guest’s eye to specific decorations and landmarks on your property. This is particularly useful for helping to guide guests down a winding driveway, highlighting your festive landscaping, or showing off the igloo you built with your children.

Colored Lighting

If you want to create a unique backyard experience for a party or upgrade your Christmas light display to something with a little bit more umph, FXLumnaire’s Luxor ZDC Outdoor Lighting System is the premier choice. With an entire color palette to choose from and display options all easily controlled by your smartphone, this lighting system has all the bells and whistles you need to make your outdoor display a success!


Christmas FX Lighting 669x272 1


If you have a nativity scene or Santa’s sleigh in your front yard, carefully placed flood lighting can illuminate this as a focal point and is especially essential if a particular display does not contain any other lighting elements that will keep it visible at night.

Lighting Timers

When planning your holiday lighting scheme, it's a good idea to set your lighting with a timer either through an app on your phone or your main lighting system controller. Not only does it allow you to set up your lighting schedule then forget about it for the rest of the holiday season; using a timer will also help you conserve energy by only having the lights on when it's dark enough to enjoy them.

Fx App

With All Wet Irrigation & Lighting, you can turn your landscape into a winter wonderland your friends and family won't be able to resist! Contact us at (973) 862-4172 to design your perfect holiday lighting scheme.

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