Mosquito Myths That Bite

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Separating Fact from Fiction About Those Annoying Little Bugs

It’s that time of year again. The weather is warming up, the yard is greener and the grilling season has arrived. Everything about the outside feels perfect...except for one buzzing thing.

Mosquitoes. These annoying little insects can take the fun out of a summer night with their constant biting and blood sucking. Here we’ll explore a few myths about mosquitoes and talk about how we can keep them away.

Myth #1: All mosquitoes bite. That’s actually our most popular myth. Not all mosquitoes bite!The Biting Truth: Of the 3500 types of mosquitoes on the planet, only a select few actually bite. Even then, only the females of those types of mosquitoes bite...but when they do, OUCH! Schedule your Yard Defense treatment now to handle male and female mosquitoes alike - and ticks too.

Myth #2: Another mosquito myth? All mosquitoes carry disease.

The Biting Truth: While some mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases like Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Zika Virus or West Nile Virus, they are only a small fraction of the mosquito population. The great majority of mosquitoes are harmless except for the irritation of a bite. (But isn’t that irritating enough? We can help with Yard Defense, an EPA-registered mosquito and tick treatment!)

Myth #3: Are you fair haired or light skinned? You may have heard that mosquitoes bite people with fairer skin more often than other people. This is also a mosquito myth.

The Biting Truth: While people with fairer skin may have more prominent looking mosquito bites, there’s no evidence that mosquitoes target one type of person over another. There IS evidence that certain clothes are more likely to attract mosquitoes than others - for example red, navy blue and black can be more likely to attract mosquitoes. But don’t donate your clothes to charity just yet!

Myth #4: Have you ever heard someone say mosquitoes like them because of their blood type? Like, “I’m Type O so mosquitoes love me!”

The Biting Truth: In actuality, mosquitoes don’t prefer one blood type over another. They like ALL blood types which is a good reason to take action to keep the mosquito population in your yard down this season.

Because Getting Bit Bites! Why You Should Get Yard Defense

One incredibly effective way to keep the mosquito population at bay in your yard this year is Yard Defense.  Yard Defense provides a perimeter of defense around your property line to provide a barrier that keeps mosquitos and ticks out.

Our Yard Defense program uses an EPA registered mosquito and tick control product that can be up to 90% effective after the third treatment. It’s safe for the family and animals - just wait one hour after spraying to let pets and children play in the yard.

While no mosquito control can be 100% effective - you can’t prevent a mosquito flying over from a neighbor’s backyard - Yard Defense gets more effective with each spraying so you and your family can enjoy the outdoors without fear of getting bitten or being constantly irritated by swarming mosquitoes.

Call us today (973) 366-8754 to learn more about what Yard Defense can do for your backyard this summer!

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