DIY or Call The Landscaping Pros?

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Is It Really Worth It To Hire A Lawn Service?

Mowing. Mulching. Dethatching. Aerating. Fertilizing. Watering. Grub control.  Are you prepared to take on the amount of work involved in basic lawn care?

At first glance, lawn care should be something a homeowner can manage on their own. What’s watering occasionally and mowing the grass once a week, you may ask yourself. But taking care of your lawn amounts to more than turning the hose on and cutting the grass. Read on to see why you should consider calling All Wet for your landscaping needs.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether or Not to DIY Your Lawn Care

  • Time

    This may be an obvious one but taking on the task of yard care takes time. In addition to hours spent mowing, add on hours picking up leaves, cleaning yard debris, weeding, trimming, edging and fertilizing with tools like Scott’s GreenView or Vigoro products.Do you have a chunk of hours each week to devote to your landscape? What about time to devote to weed control and grub management? If reading this list feels daunting, it is well worth it to pay someone else to worry about the care and maintenance of your lawn.

  • Equipment

    One big reason to leave it to the professionals? Why kill yourself trying to maintain a shed of Honda, Toro or Ryobi lawn care equipment when you can pay someone who has every tool they need? The nice folks at your local lawn care service already have the equipment.Lawn mowers - from push mowers to riding mowers - cost money, as do the parts for replacement when your mower inevitably breaks. The same goes for cordless string trimmer weed eliminating equipment like the Milwaukee and Makita cordless string trimmers and other equipment.

    Keeping and maintaining your lawn equipment can become a job in itself. Having sharp blades that are cleaned and well maintained is an important part of good lawn care - this is something that lawn care companies do as a part of their daily maintenance but that you’ll have to devote special time and effort to.

  • Money

    The cost of equipment is something to consider when considering taking on the lawn yourself. Another thing to consider is supplies. When landscaping companies need anything from shrubs to Roundup, Ortho or Scott’s herbicide, they can get these items at a much cheaper price than you’ll find them at your local hardware or lawncare store.

  • Expertise

    Lawn care companies like All Wet are the experts when it comes to growing and maintaining a healthy landscape in New Jersey. We understand things like drought conditions, over watering, weed control, insect infestations and we know how to combat these issues if they arise.

If you choose to do all your own lawn care, that’s great! There are few things as rewarding as looking out at your beautiful landscape and knowing it looks that good because of your hard work.

But if the time, energy and effort feel like more that you’re able to take on right now, trusting your lawn care to the professionals is a great choice, too! It’s an investment that will pay off in beautiful property and peace of mind.

If you’d rather hire a lawn care company to keep up with your yard maintenance, All Wet is here to help. Call 973.366.8754 to schedule lawn care services from All Wet Irrigation & Lighting today.

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