Protecting Your System During Harsh Winter Weather

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Did You Know Your System Is Still Vulnerable To Damage Even If It Has Been Winterized?

To many, winterization may seem like the only thing we seem to check off of our lists when it comes to winter sprinkler system maintenance. However, this process, while very important, is not a safeguard for every winter-related danger. Take a look at these common sprinkler problems that can occur, even if you’ve had your sprinkler system winterized:

Winter Repairs e1576078935485 669x272 1

Leaks or Puddling:

If your ball valve which leads to your outdoor irrigation system malfunctions, water may leak into your sprinkler lines (even if it was blown out and shut off!), causing puddling in your yard along with potential cracking in the lines, valves and backflow! If you see any puddles or excess water congregating in your yard, contact a professional right away, as your main ball valve may need to be replaced.

Damaged Sprinkler Heads: 

Here in New Jersey, it isn’t uncommon to see snow plows barreling down the street in spectacular fashion. However, while it may be exciting to watch, these plows can easily run over your sprinkler head, causing significant damage. Additionally, sledding, and other winter-related activities can also harm your system. Make sure to check your system regularly and inspect for any potential damage. If you notice something has gone awry, consider contacting a professional to take a look at your sprinkler system so you don’t receive an unpleasant surprise by the time summer rolls around!

Timer Shut Off:

While we recommend that you visually inspect your system for any possible damage, it is crucial that you listen to it as well! If you hear a humming or buzzing sound, it may be a signal to turn off your timer. However, do not unplug it! If you do, you’ll be forced to reset all of your zone and scheduling preferences. Make sure that you merely switch it off so that power or water will no longer be sent to your sprinkler system. 

Concerned About The Condition Of Your Sprinkler System Headed Into Winter?

Give our experienced office staff call at (973)-862-4176 or visit our website at to fill out a contact form. You are also welcome to utilize our live chat service located on our site to reach a representative directly. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have! 

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