Don’t Let The Winter Gray Take Your Landscape’s Color Away

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3 Tips For Brightening Up Your Winter Landscape

It’s January, and even though the winter feels as if it is just kicking into gear, the days are already getting longer in anticipation of the approaching spring and summer months. 

The coldest winter months, January and February, are a quiet time for your Garden State landscape. Nothing is blooming, nothing is shedding leaves and the ground is cold and hard from frost. 

Even when our grass and shrubs aren’t covered with a casing of snow, the icy weather washes out all the bold colors of fall and only the evergreens and some shrubs remain to lend color to the yard.

In the fall there were important winterization steps to take to best prepare for the coming cold. But now, as you endure the winter chill, there are few active steps we can take to improve upon your winter surroundings.

Tip 1: Let Winter Work For You & Your Color Wheel

Just because it’s January doesn’t mean your landscape has to be devoid of colors or awash in white and gray. As previously mentioned Evergreens and shrubs can make great spots of green color during this period.  

But adding shrubs with color - like berry-yielding bushes such as a red holly bush - allow for a pop of color that is as striking to the human eye as a cardinal in the snow. Other evergreens, like the blue spruce, lend lighter notes of color, made more dramatic by the season’s backdrop. 

Take note now where your winterscape could benefit from some refreshing splashes of color and keep those spots in mind for the coming planting season. 

Tip 2: Use Containers For Extra Color & Height

Without the height and interesting shapes of new growth, your garden can take on a flatness from the lack of texture of reaching branches and sprouting layers of green.  

Using your summertime containers for ornamental grasses or miniature evergreens lifts the eye’s focal point from the ground and can highlight other aspects of your landscaping, like arbors, trellises, stonework and brick.

Tip 3:  Lean on Landscape Lighting 

Once you’ve added elements to your winter landscape that brighten your property during the day, it’s a shame to lose those elements at dark, dawn or dusk. Our outdoor lighting solutions add artistry and a level of class to your winter yard.

With additional contrast, the shapes and details of your landscape become even more eye-catching. The illumination against the stark winter sky will be what warms up the appearance of your home and garden. 

No matter what the season, there are steps you can take to make your landscape come alive. Evergreens and berry bushes, potted containers and landscape lighting can make your winter scenery pop, giving your eyes something to feast on 365 days a year. 

Landscape lighting will increase your curb appeal year round. To learn more about our landscape lighting options, contact us 973.366.8754 today.

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