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With These Helpful Hints From the Friendly Lawn Care Experts at All Wet

Many homeowners take great pride in their carefully manicured lawns, and for good reason! Your lawn is the first part of your property that family, company or potential buyers will see, so naturally you want it to look lush and green. However, this may become a problematic task directly following a harsh New Jersey Winter, as plant life is still struggling to bloom. If unprepared, you may not see the thick, healthy lawn you were hoping for by the time Spring arrives! Check out our tips on how to achieve the lawn of your dreams this upcoming season. 

Fertilizer Matters: 

If you notice your lawn has patchy, yellow spots as the weather begins to warm up, something is off. This issue could arise for a number of reasons, but applying the proper fertilizer as soon as possible is key in transforming and maintaining your lawn. In order to maximize your property, you may want to consider professional soil testing  to determine exactly what type of fertilizer your lawn requires to flourish. Three key nutrients your lawn needs to thrive are:

  • Nitrogen: Often considered the most important nutrient. It is the primary element in fertilizer as it yields the best results. 
  • Phosphorus: Stimulates root growth to ensure grass is strong and durable. 
  • Potassium: Assists nitrogen in absorption and helps your vegetation and soil tolerate drought, cold and disease.

Proper Irrigation:

When it comes to watering your lawn, too much is just as harmful as too little! However, with ever-changing weather patterns and hectic schedules, it can be difficult to remember to adjust your sprinkler system to correspond with each day’s unique conditions. Fortunately, irrigation technology has advanced rapidly from programmable zoned systems to even more modern WiFi-integrated Smart irrigation controllers. Smart controllers alleviate the stress of flexing your green thumb for the first time since the previous Autumn, while also saving you water and money on your monthly bills! 

Mow With Care:

Did you know that for every inch of grass you see poking up from your lawn, there is also an inch of root growing below it? If you give your lawn too close of a shave, you could risk killing this inconspicuous but vital root material that keeps your lawn strong and healthy. Unfortunately, this will most likely result in a brown, wilted lawn by the time summer arrives. Leaving approximately 4 inches of grass-length is recommended for maintaining a vibrant lawn all season long! 

Aeration is Key:

While proper fertilization and irrigation are crucial in achieving your desired results, aeration is also a great way to improve your lawn’s health and appearance! Aeration is, put simply, the process of creating small holes in your soil which allow it to breathe by eliminating compacted soil and lawn thatch; both of which can have negative impacts on your lawn’s health. However, it is important to know when the best time to schedule your aeration service is depending on your unique type of grass. If you have cool-season grass, such as Kentucky, early spring is the best time to schedule aeration services. Alternatively, if you have warm-season grass such as Buffalo or Bermuda, you are better off waiting until late spring or even fall. 

If you would like to learn more about how to best prepare your lawn for the upcoming spring season, just give us a call at (973)-862-4175 or visit our website at to fill out a contact form. We would be more than happy to help with all of your lawn care needs!

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