3 Common Outdoor Lighting Problems

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The 3 Most Common Outdoor Lighting Problems & What You Can Do About Them

You want your home to look as perfect from the outside as it does on the inside, and landscape lighting is a great way to achieve perfection. Well-designed outdoor lighting will highlight the beauty of your home and landscape, increasing your curb appeal and your property value. But as perfect as your exterior lighting looks, it can have problems from time to time. So what do you do when your perfect outdoor lighting stops being perfect?

1 . Burnt Out Bulbs

Burnt out bulbs are the number one most common problem we see with landscape lighting systems. You may be thinking, that’s not a big issue—just change the bulbs—but it can actually be a big issue. The bulbs used for outdoor lighting systems are designed to last a long time, so if they’re burning out sooner than expected, it could be an indicator of deeper issues, like faulty wiring or improper installation. Make sure you have All Wet change the burnt out bulbs and inspect your system for deeper issues.

2. Connection Issues

The second most common problem we see with landscape lighting systems here in New Jersey is is malfunctioning connections. 99% of the time, a connection malfunctions because water has gotten into it. This can be due to improper installation (like using electrical tape to cover a connection rather than using an actual connector) or because the wrong type of connector was used. Improper connections not only put your lighting at risk of shorting out, it also poses a major shock risk that’s dangerous to you. Your exterior lighting is outdoors, so your connectors should be waterproof; if your landscape lighting was installed by All Wet everything is waterproof, but if it was installed by another contractor it may not be waterproof. All Wet can make sure you have the right connections to prevent problems.

3. Corroded Wires & Sockets

We rarely get calls for wire and socket corrosion; usually, we discover corroded wires and sockets while already there to address a problem with burnt out bulbs or faulty connections. This is because corrosion is caused by exposure to water, and water rarely gets into your sockets and wires without there being a pre-existing problem with your outdoor lighting. For example, if a bulb has burned out, it won’t produce the heat needed to burn away condensation, and the wetness of the condensate corrodes the socket. Avoid wire and socket corrosion by having burnt out bulbs and faulty connections fixed as soon as you notice a problem.

All Wet Irrigation & Lighting can resolve any problem you have with your landscape lighting, even if we weren’t the contractors who installed your system. Contact us  at (973) 366-8754 to reclaim your outdoor lighting system’s perfection.

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